Gary Gentile Productions


Shipwreck Research

Gary Gentile conducts historical research on shipwrecks and maintains extensive files in his office. He can often answer questions about specific shipwrecks without leaving the room or putting down the telephone. Throughout the years he has provided copious amounts of shipwreck historical information for books, magazines, newspapers, and television, as well as descriptions of shipwrecks' current state of collapse.

Gary's shipwreck data base comprises an extensive collection of books, original nineteenth-century newspapers, woodcuts and photographs, plans, postcards, and documents photocopied from original source materials found in archives, libraries, museums, and private collections.

If Gary does not have the information on hand, he will travel to the facilities which maintain holdings of data relating to shipwrecks and will conduct specific research that is required by the client.

The day rate applies for travel research, the hourly rate for in-house research, consultations, and telephone interviews, with the hourly rate based upon immediate or non-immediate needs. Contact Gary for a fee schedule.

Consulting & Expert Witness

Gary Gentile has done expert witness work for lawsuits, has testified at federal trials and hearings, and has written reports for the court in order to render his expert opinion. He has also given numerous interviews for publications in books, magazines, and newspapers, and for broadcast on television.

ary maintains a host of regular clients, who call or write whenever expert advice or opinion is needed on a variety of topics such as wreck-diving, deep diving, decompression diving, technical diving, shipwreck histories, environmental concerns, and underwater archaeology.

New clients are welcome. No retainer fee is required. Nor are non-clients required to pay a minimum fee per job. Hourly rates apply, but the rate is not rounded up to the nearest hour nor even to the nearest quarter hour. Rates are charged on a real-time per-minute basis beginning with initiation of the job and ending with the billing and posting of materials (if any).

Clients with continuing accounts are billed quarterly. Others are billed upon completion of the job if the job is short-term, or periodically is the job becomes ongoing and the outstanding debt reaches $500.

The particular rate applied depends upon the nature of the work. Legal and television work rate the highest, telephone interviews and consultations of an immediate nature rate lower. In-house work of a non-immediate nature - work which can be accomplished in accordance with its priority relevant to other, more immediate work - rates the lowest.

Contact Gary for a consulting form and contract which stipulates fee schedules.

Artifact Appraisals

Gary Gentile has recovered thousands of maritime artifacts during a wreck-diving career that has spanned three decades. He has displayed these precious relics at museums, stores, club functions, special events, and underwater symposiums. He has worked with archaeologists and insurance companies in establishing values for all kinds of maritime artifacts - not only for his own artifacts but for those that were owned and displayed by others.

It is a long-proven fact that maritime items whose provenance has been established (that is, whose origin has been determined, say, by having been recovered from a shipwreck whose identity is known) possess a much higher value than items that have been scrounged from scrap yards and from dismantled ships. One-of-a-kind items are worth more than the run-of-the-mill. Furthermore, the value of a maritime artifact is increased dramatically by a shipwreck's renown, popularity, or historic significance.

Gary keeps current on the rising prices of maritime artifacts by referring to sales, auctions, catalogues, and shops that specialize in nautical memorabilia.

Whether you have an elegant china plate, a simple brass porthole, an aged wooden deadeye, a modern hydraulic telegraph, or an exquisite piece of jewelry, you should have it appraised - for sale, for loan, or for the purpose of adequate insurance.

Contact Gary for a fee schedule. Rates are hourly and are not based upon the value of the items to be appraised.